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Fall & Freres

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

You know Fulla & Fayda, but let us introduce you to the talent behind our bags... Fall & Freres (Fall & Brothers)!

Tapha and his three brothers, Saliou, Serigne, and Modou, have worked as leather craftsmen in the Artisanal Village for the past thirty years, hand-making leather goods for locals and tourists alike. Alongside their counterparts in the artisan network, the Fall brothers work in one of the largest employment sectors in Senegal. These handmade goods are born out of the country’s rich culture, and thrive from the tradition of handmade, which is prominent across many different trades.

The Fall brothers were taught by the eldest brother, Saliou, the work of leather craftsmanship. Saliou learned these valuable skills and techniques from his father, as such trades are often skills passed down from generation to generation and kept within the family. Among the many different shops that you’ll see in village, you’ll find that each one has its unique specialty and character. The Fall brothers are known for their bright colored bags, sandals, and other goods that pop out at you and draw you in to take a closer look at the vibrant fabrics paired with beautiful leather. Since we began working with the Fall brothers, we’ve felt the energy in their work and have become passionate about sharing with you these unique innovations.

Expats from around the world residing in Dakar, Senegal have a unique opportunity to access their creations, and our goal is to support artisans' handmade work and bring these beautiful designs to you. Artisans have the opportunity to showcase their work in various expositions here in the capital to reach a western audience, but face many hurdles in exportation. The Fall brothers, like many other artisans, work tirelessly to create designs that appeal to Western tastes, which is why our unique partnership has such an enormous impact on their ability to reach a wider audience.

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