May 24, 2020

If there is a place you literally mustn't fail to visit during a stay in Senegal, it’s Gorée Island. 

Formerly famous as one of the major transit points for ships deporting enslaved African captives to the Americas, Gorée Island has become today a “cultural hub,” of cou...

The artisanal sectors, rich history, and strong traditions never cease to impress in Senegal. After a trip to St. Louis, or as it is called in Wolof “Ndar,” the capital of Senegal during the French Colonial era, we discovered so much more about trades in Senegal, in pa...

May 18, 2019

“Fulla” - to be bold and “Fayda” - to be humble; as they say, opposites attract. Adja, a Senegalese model and influencer (@blackbeautysn) featured here, grew up with the values of Fulla and Fayda, always finding the right balance and incorporating it into everyday life...

December 3, 2017

You know Fulla & Fayda, but let us introduce you to the talent behind our bags... Fall & Freres (Fall & Brothers)!

Tapha and his three brothers, Saliou, Serigne, and Modou, have worked as leather craftsmen in the Artisanal Village for the past thirty years, hand...

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