Behind F&F


Senegal, located in West Africa, is known to nationals and expats alike as a vibrant hub for art, fashion, dance, and local creative talent. 

 It’s also a place where trash along the roadside may not be considered an eyesore by many, where women carry a baby on their back with a tub full of water on their heads, and still manage to look beautiful and bright. This is Senegalese fashion – a diamond in the rough, a beam of light, and a reflection of triumph in a life burdened with struggle. 

Senegalese take great pride in their appearance and, despite the heavy load of their daily routines, believe it is important to look beautiful in every occasion. In Senegal, you’ll often see a woman on her way to the market dressed head to toe in matching fabric, headscarf, and the perfect accessories. On special occasions and holidays, both men and women will be lined up at the tailor’s with their fabric, anxious to sew new outfits and find the latest accessories.

If you ever find yourself on the vibrant streets of Dakar, you’ll surely be inspired by all of the color, expression, and originality. Our mission is to bring this experience to people around the world so that they, too, can live more colorfully.


We are Natalie Dolan and Jackie Wallace, sisters with a vision to bring beautiful design into the everyday. Natalie served three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, learning about and loving the people and customs of a vibrant country. Jackie, with a background in music and art, brings an eye for design and a love for quality material with everyday functionality. Our bags are designed by us and handcrafted by local artisan Tapha Fall. Together, we believe in the value of small business and creating unique and lasting products for all the adventures to come.


"Fulla” means to be bold, have good character, and be strong-willed and high spirited. “Fayda” means to have respect, be humble, and polite. These are values that are prominent in Senegal, and we hope they are values that our products inspire you to live by as well.